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We're not Sherlock Holmes nor Hercule Poirot, but we're definitely among the best when it comes to IT recruiting for big companies and startups
Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Tester (QA engineer), Project Manager, Product Manager/Owner,Technical Writer, Business Analyst, DB Administrator, DevOps
C/C++, Ruby, C#, .NET, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, Go, Android, iOS, Perl, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, SQL, etc.
Junior Specialist (1-3 years)
Middle Specialist (3-6 years)
Expert (Senior, Team Lead, CTO/CIO) 6+ years

We can do what others cannot

Solving the most complicated cases on a daily basis
2 days
is enough for us to show you the first candidates who have already been interviewed for your vacancy
5 interviews
on average we need to find the ideal candidate for your team
is our average closing rate for vacancies taken

What makes us so good

14 years in IT recruitment earned us a decent baggage of knowledge, skills and approaches which help us to find the candidates you need
We grow professionals to find the best IT specialists
Many people around say they're professionals in IT recruitment. But so few of them were there from the very beginning. We were. And now one of ten recruiters on the market has gone through our training program and works in in-house teams in companies throughout the country.
We do search as good as Google (pun intended)
We use a database of 450,000+ resumes while searching, have thoroughly pumped up our skills in sourcing and boolean-search and now can teach others to do that. We are ready to prove this by drawing up a search card and advising you at the project briefing.
We understand the market
We advise on vacancies based on market analytics and real numbers, not just on speculation. On average, we run 200+ vacancies in the main tech stacks, so we can adequately assess the complexity of the search at the start and guarantee significant numbers of CV to show you.
We are ready to meet the highest criteria
We understand how important soft skills and requirements "between the lines" are, so we ask for as much details during briefing as possible and take into account all the criteria so that the candidate fits perfectly into your team. In our contact list of consultants there are more than 20 architects, technical leads and CTOs ready to join the search and selection process to ensure the high level of technical skills of the candidate.
Transparency is one of our top priorities
We introduce you to the project team so that you have a clear idea of who will represent you in front of candidates. We work on weekly sprints that are transparent to clients, and upon request we prepare a report on the search funnel and the results of work with target KPIs.
We are flexible in terms of cooperation
Our approach allows us to flexibly form the terms of cooperation depending on the client's task. We will remove the replacement guarantee from the cost of services if you're sure that you won't need it. Or we can exclude the stage of interviewing with our recruiter from the package if you want to interview candidates by yourself.

Easy to deal with

We prefer agility, efficiency and comfort in every process
1. Get to know each other
You meet our recruiters in person who will work with you on the project and tell them about the task
2. Agree on terms
We are ready to start working without a long process of approval and signing of papers, it is enough to confirm agreement with our terms
3. Begin of searching process
We show the first CV within 2 days after the start, so that you can evaluate the quality of your search as soon as possible
4. Successfully close vacancy
On average, 5 interviews are enough for us to find the best candidate for you
Meet our team
Open communication is the most important thing to us in the process, so we do not hide those who you are going to work with
Client reviews
This is what say those who have been successfully looking for employees with our help

3 months + 1 week replacement guarantee

In case the candidate we found for you will leave you within the period, we guarantee a FREE replacement
Tell us who you are looking for
We will contact you to dive into details
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