You are striving for greatness,
we help you find the team to get you there
We are an IT recruiting company
2 days
and you'll see the first CV's
of relevant candidates
5 interviews
enough for us on average
to find the right one
14 years
in IT recruitment area
35 recruiters
with technical specialization
2 days
and you'll see the first CVs
of relevant candidates
5 interviews
is all it takes on average
to find your perfect candidate
14 years
in the IT recruitment area
35 recruiters
with backgrounds in IT
You are striving for greatness,
we help you find the team to get you there
We are an IT recruiting company
is all it takes on average
to find your perfect candidate
5 interviews
and you'll see the first CVs
of relevant candidates
2 days
in IT recruitment area
14 years
with backgrounds in IT
35 recruiters
Bureaucracy is such a hassle. We start looking for a candidate immediately, while documents are still being finalized.
We are in it together! We provide constant support throughout the entire process,
No payment without results. You don’t pay until after we have filled the vacancy.
We understand the importance of having a great team. We have an in- depth knowledge of who would make the right addition to that team.
Person behind CV is more important, than the text in it.

You are unique

Focus on talents

Our area of expertise is wide enough to successfully find talents in various positions and technologies




Technical Officer (СТО)
Project Manager
Product Manager
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
QA engineer (tester)
Business Analyst
DB Administrator
Technical Writer
Android / Kotlin
iOS / Swift
Junior Specialist
Middle Specialist
Senior, Team-Lead, CTO/CIO


Data Science
Business Analysis
Machine Learning / AI
Computer Vision
нужного специалиста

How we work Hi, Rockits style!

1 day
We show you a few selected CVs to make sure we're both on the same page in understanding the goal
Finalising requirements ­and do trial search
You meet our project team and we ask you a number of questions on your product, team and open vacancies
1 day
Detailed briefing ­on your task
10 days
We arrange only the most relevant candidates to streamline the process and find you the perfect fit
Client-side interviews
15 days
We represent your company in front of the candidate in the process of placing an offer and during the whole settlement period
Offer and bringing a candidate to work
2 days
We profile a target candidate and compose the proposal with your vacancy. Then we send it to the target audience and arrange meetings with those replied
First target candidates
3 days
Our recruiters interview the candidates from the pervious stages. We send you CVs of candidates who passed the interview with our comments on the candidate's experience, soft- and hard-skills
Interviews with the recruiter ­and introductions

There are no unsolvable tasks ­for our team of professional tech recruiters


Each specialized in certain technological stack
Can find anyone. Literally
I devote myself to the market of IT recruitment and do my best helping it to improve. The best we can do as a part of IT community is sharing knowledge and expertise. Everyone is unique here in its own way and it's awesome!
Tanya AKWA
Tanya Akwa
Her favs are QA, Java, UI/UX designers, Gamedev, SAP. Others are fine too, but these 5 are special
I like to solve different cases, and the more difficult the vacancy, the more interesting it is. It's like solving a challenging puzzle. It gives me thrills when a perfect mаtch between a candidate and a team.

There is always something special when you to talk to a tech guy or girl about and the trends and future of IT.
Maria Dozorova
CCO and co-founder. As simple as that
It may sound naive, but we are at the forefront of technological progress. As IT recruiters we come into contact with those who make the IT products of the future. It's inspiring to see what the people for whom we are looking for employees are doing.
Rinat Kudyakov
The one who signs all the most important documents
Denis Serikov
I'm in love with computers since I was a kid (I started when Intel 80286 was a top-notch). Studying at the university I wanted to be a programmer and even worked as one for some time. But it turned out that I apply this knowledge for other tasks now.
Sherlock Holmes when it comes to finding Python, PHP, iOS/Android developers or DevOps
The IT sphere is developing very fast. There's simply no such option as drag behind if you work here. The IT is the present and the future of the world, and I want to be a part of both, the present and the future.
Peter Smirnov
Closes positions of Java, JavaScript, Python, C #, Scala, full-stack developers, business analysts and QA engineers with sniper precision
Fate brought me to this sphere quite by accident. Friends told me about IT recruitment, I tried it, and I liked it. And Hi, Rockits! believed in me.

I like to communicate with people in general, but I can't imagine myself as a recruiter outside of IT :)
Jana Steshina
Loves connecting IT talents with cool European and American startups
Alina Araslanova
Since my school years, I was torn between physics and lyrics, and in IT recruitment this 2 sides ideally combined. Here I meet many smart and pleasant people with a broad outlook and a super-adequate point of view. In IT they are everywhere: candidates, colleagues, customers
If you need frontend developers or analysts (any), ask for Julia
Julia Tovkan
I have always been close to IT: I adored physics at school and advanced math at the university. Now I like to understand the trends of the IT world, it is difficult, but insanely interesting
The only one who knows that Java and JavaScript are not the same (just kidding)
Maria Prostova
IT is a dynamic, developing area, and I really like it. It's cool talking with smart people and learn from their experience. And I get paid for it :)
The Mother of Golang
Tina Kholodova
I love professionals. And there are many of them in IT. It's nice to be part of such a dynamic sphere, where something new is constantly appearing: technologies, projects, companies. For me, what is called 'progress' is very important. And in my work it's mutual.
In charge of our clients' happiness
Max Gusev
I love IT because of its fast growth, huge potential and opportinities
Decides which one of our sales representatives gets to work with your application
Nikita Lipatov
The IT sphere is one of the most progressive. All new trends in the world first of all pass through it. There are many interesting and open people here, whom you meet with pleasure.

Hard skills of Hi, Rockits!

500,000+ resumes in the our database with detailed professional history on candidates; super-skills in sourcing and boolean-search and a list of 26 secret sources for finding specialists
We will support you and advise you before the start and during the process. We also provide a replacement guarantee for 3 months + 1 week
We're transparent in our business processes so you could understand how your project is progressing
We will show you the first candidates who passed our internal interview in 2-3 days

Maximum efficiency

Others just promise while we're finding


They trust us the most important

Find the best teams for their projects

Find the best teams for their projects
We understood that Hi, Rockits! is ready to make a CV flow for us and make it fast. Funnel conversion was always very good. We invited to inner interview every second person introduced by recruiters.
We have no much experience with agencies, but Hi, Rockits! impressed us as experts in the IT market and result-oriented guys. Right now we work only with Hi, Rockits! when we need to find an IT specialist.
Admitad collaborated with other recruiting agencies in parallel, but Hi, Rockits! performed much better in terms of candidate quality. Therefore, now we are working on IT staff exclusively with Hi, Rockits!
What impressed us most was the briefing interview. Rare agency has such a level of immersion in the client and its hiring tasks. Hi, Rockits! guys asked us a lot of questions, went into details in order to understand who we werelooking for.
Everything is awesome! The guys always respond promptly. The recruiters pushed us for feedbacks and decisions, when we it was necessary so we had a very optimized hiring process. I have only positive emotions after working with Hi, Rockits!
Hi, Rockits!

We're solving the most complicated cases in IT recruiting on a daily basis and we're pretty sure, that your case is not as hard as it seems.

So go ahead, send us a request and we'll see what we can do for you.

It never hurts to ask ;)

We will contact you to dive into details

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