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About the ideal candidate, compromises in business requirements and team wishes, and benefits of working with a recruiting agency
Julia Vladimirova
Senior IT Recruiter в Admitad

Tell us about your collaboration with Hi, Rockits? How long have Admitad been cooperating with us? Who are you looking for?

We are constantly collaborating with the guys from Hi, Rockits! for about two or three year now. We need Python developers, middle and senior level mostly. We are constantly looking for them, so Hi, Rockits! helps us with hiring on a regular basis.

In 2019, the guys closed for us positions of a system architect and a DevOps, as well as a front-end developer. So, at least 3 people come to us with the help of Hi, Rockits! And we are waiting for the decision of another girl at the moment.

We need a recruiting agency to help us, since we cannot physically handle searching through the entire market. If it is possible to get such help, why not then? Hi, Rockits! looks where we cannot, warms up those who are in passive search. We complement each other in searching. Your recruiters show us candidates we cannot find by ourselves or with whom we have not communicated. Or they awaken those with whom we have not interacted for a long time, a year or six months ago.

Is there any specificity in how you search for candidates?

In IT there are 2 types of candidates for us: juniors and people with experience, that is, middle and senior. Team leads are rare, but they also occur. We search for a junior position without any problems: 2 weeks of searching, a month at max, and the position is closed. In this regard, it's much more difficult with middles and seniors, our guys have more requirements for them and it is more difficult to close such positions. We can search for a middle developer for 2 or 3 months, even 4. It depends on internal requests.

On the one hand, there's the business who demands us to release features faster, and there are developers on the other hand, who do not want to hire a programmer in whom they are not sure 100%. Therefore, we try to maintain a balance.

For senior positions we can search even more time, 'coz the one should be generally a super-professional.

Can you define the criteria for the person you want to see in Admitad? In terms of soft skills, how do you understand that this particular person can be a part of your team?

Yes, we do have some criteria. But now during the pandemic they are less important for us. Our guys, of course, still look at soft skills, but they pay much more attention to hard skills due to business requirements. The management is trying to speed up development of our products, so we have to sacrifice something. We decided to sacrifice some soft skills.

As I see it, I can describe 'our' guy like a modest smart guy, really a talented one, not arrogant, without an outsize ego. Usually they have some kind of good education in top universities. They try harder, do more than theyэку asked (for example, can write unit tests by themselves). The ideal candidate is a humble genius. Everyone likes such people, I understand, but you can't find enough of them for everyone.

Sometimes it seems to me that we are a difficult client, even a problem one. Not in the sense of communication and interaction, but in the sense of high demands to the candidate. The agency should try very hard to close the position, because we ourselves look at many sources, and it is not so easy for us to find a suitable person.

Can you remember how you started to work with Hi, Rockits?

I can’t say anything about this, because at the moment I didn’t work at Admitad yet. I joined the company in the summer of 2019, and at that time Admitad was already working with Hi, Rockits! for a few months for sure. As I understood from the conversations, your agency was recommended to our top management, and after a meeting we both understood that there is mutual understanding and a certain level of trust between you and us. I think, we decided to cooperate with you due to similar approaches in work and communications.
Admitad has partnered with other recruiting agencies in parallel, but Hi, Rockits! performed well in terms of the quality of the candidate developers who were sent in. Therefore, now on development we work only with them.
Generally Hi, Rockits! always start quickly on a position. And from the point of view of the quality of the candidates sent to us, everything is fine.

Is there anything about Hi, Rockits' work that you think should be changed or improved on our side?

Your recruiters can be very assertive if necessary. If you need a fast feedback on a CV or a candidate, you push until you get this feedback. It keeps you in shape. The IT market if overheated and you should make hiring decisions quickly or you lose a good candidate. So it's not a problem at all.

I don’t remember that there was any critical moments in our collaboration. There are, of course, some mistakes, but we are all human. Recently there was a curious incident: your guys sent a Python guy, whom we already watched six months ago. Some kind of mistake happened, apparently, and your recruiters did not make a due mark in your database. And I got the same CV, the word-to-word cover letter. So I say, 'we interviewed this candidate six months ago, this is him, I remember!' It turned out funny. But that's okay, anything can happen. Something really horrible never happened.

What are the moments about Hi, Rockits! do you like most?

I'm used to it, and the guys at Hi, Rockits! work this way, that first the recruiter calls the person, talks about the position and the company, asks all the necessary questions, writes a cover letter based on the results of this call and only then shows it to the client. And it's cool that your recruiters evaluate the candidate first and write a cover letter, because it happens all the time that the CV looks bad, but in fact the person did cool things on the previous jobs. The cover letter helps a lot in this regard. And the more detailed and high-quality the letter is, the better. I see that this is what we need for our IT guys. And not all of recruiting agencies do that. I should say, not allthe internal HR's do this for their team.

Also, the guys from Hi, Rockits! quickly grasp what we need in terms of hard and soft skills. I mentioned already, that you recruiters ask for feedback as quickly as possible. When we open a position, they ask me about the project, and about the tasks, and everything about what kind of person they should look for. The experience of cooperation between us is a huge plus, because you already know a lot about us and our expectations, and even for a new vacancies the first or second candidate is already close to what we need.

We also talk to each other a lot outside business issues. Inviting each other to interesting events, sharing some professional materials. Recently your recruiter sent me a webinar, which Hi, Rockits! organized for external HRs, about PHP, about different frameworks. And it was very cool! Usually it is for internal use, but this time it was external, and the guys shared the recording with me.

The informality in our communication is very captivating.

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