On how to compete with big tech companies for talents and the importance of trust-base communication between a recruiting agency and a client in finding the perfect candidates
Irina Ermakova
HRD at Equifax Russia

How long has Equifax been with Hi, Rockits?

We partnered with Hi, Rockits! for about four years ago, mainly working on vacancies for our IT department and for the department of financial product development and analytics.

Our company Equifax is a credit bureau, a company that collects data on borrowers under the federal law on credit histories. And we are a huge data aggregator. Accordingly, it would be strange not to build products around this data, so we develop all kinds of information products, analytics and other software, which we sell to financial institutions.

Hi, Rockits! appeared in the life of Equifax quite simply: I received an email, one of many that come in the form of advertising. But that one hooked me up with its non-formal tone, it was quite frivolous in a good way. This letter came in at the right time in the right place. At that moment, I had a blurry look from working with existing agencies, we had projects with 'monsters' among recruitment agencies, but it was clear that in the case of IT, other approaches were needed. I decided to try [collaborate with the Hi, Rockits team!], and we succeeded.

Are there any specific requirements for the employees you recruit?

It all depends on the position. Each vacancy is a unique case. We try to explain a possible candidate in details to the agency recruiter, as much as we can, so it was easier for them to look for right candidates for us.

How do you compete with big IT companies for a candidate?

This is a challenge for us.

While talking to a person and realizing that he has the potential to receive an offer, conditionally, from big tech companies, we just honestly talk about our company. We discuss all the opportunities and projects we have here, giving a full picture to a candidate. We try to select the most appropriate project and team for every one.

We have a carefully selected social package, which includes everything that is most relevant for our employees. For example, compensation for fitness in the fitness club with the pool located in our business center. Or the English lessons that we have: 4 teachers, all native speakers, two of them have been working with us for more than five years, provide individually designed teaching plans for every student.

VHI in clinics that are convenient to visit for our colleagues and their families. We co-finance VHI for family members.

We also co-finance training courses of an employee's choice.

I'd like to say that we give our team more freedom in terms of working hours or choosing tools for work.

Each benefit that we have is so alive, so worked out and time-tested that we're sure it's important and in-demand for them.

Does Hi, Rockits! quickly understand what kind of person you need?

In my opinion, we were incredibly lucky from the beginning! We started to work with Tatiana Akwa, who was the first to get in touch with me and we set up a really strong and effective communication basis. And since then, recruiters who work with us, they all follow the best practices, use our previous experience and deepest understanding of our company as a client.

So yes, Hi, Rockits! quite quickly understands who we need. Thanks to the professionalism of your recruiters

What do you see as the benefit of cooperation with recruitment agencies in general and with various recruitment agencies in particular?

Hi, Rockits! has an ultimate understanding of the IT market. For us it's really important.

Were there any moments in communication with the candidate in which the help of Hi, Rockits was invaluable?

I would like to thank Hi, Rockits! for the dynamics in our work. And for their patience too. The combination of these two qualities gives us the level of effectiveness we need.

We are always searching for a long time and very thorough. And Hi, Rockits! is always on our side and act in client's best interest to find a perfect candidate.
We sometimes lack a push that would direct us in the right way, force us to reconsider some of our requirements. And Hi, Rockits! knows how to "push" us gently.
We communicate a lot. We always in touch via the messenger and by phone. If I have an idea, the agency's recruiters has an input, we can share them without hesitations. We have a fairly direct format of communication, operational, so to speak, which allows me to keep myself in good professional shape.
About the Client
Equifax Inc. is an American multinational consumer credit reporting agency and is one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies, known as the "Big Three"). Equifax collects and aggregates information on over 800 million individual consumers and more than 88 million businesses worldwide. In addition to credit and demographic data and services to business, Equifax sells credit monitoring and fraud prevention services directly to consumers.

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